We finally decided that it was more work to keep Mason in school and doing well than it was to just go back to homeschooling. Mason is a very smart kid, but one that requires constant monitoring on subjects that he doesn’t devour. Plus, with homeschool, Rich and I are the only ones “put out” when his behavior is less than stellar.

Several factors helped us come to this decision. First, Mason’s 2nd grade teacher, was amazing!! She knew Mason’s potential and was one of the few people that was really able to allow him to shine. His teachers in Omaha and Colorado were push overs. The only thing he learned there was how to get exactly what he wanted.

So, we are starting off with our K-12 curriculum like we had in Colorado. Only we actually had to PAY for it this time. In Colorado we were able to go through a charter school which meant more oversight than we would have liked, but we got the entire curriculum for free!