I got the idea for this post from my friend Karen in Colorado.  Here is her blog on homeschooling.

My 3 favorite things regarding homeschooling:

1. Game Time:  I am one of the biggest haters of the roll video games play in many children’s lives.  However, we did step over to the dark side last Xmas and get an Xbox 360.  Mason gets 20 min of time to play on weekdays and 1 hr on weekends.  This is his biggest motivator in getting schoolwork done.  The sooner it’s done, the sooner he gets “Game Time.”  Maybe it is allowing the games to have more “power” in his life than it should, but whatever gets our stubborn guy on the right track.

2. Buddhist Stories Book, by Anita Ganeri: Mason loves to read anyway, thankfully.  However, I brought out this book so that we could introduce him to Buddhism.  I have never seen him so fired up about a story before!  The book itself is beautifully illustrated (there are more on other religions) and the stories are meaningful without being too over your head spiritualism.

3. Freedom! :  The freedom to travel.  The freedom to not have to answer to a teacher or a principle every day.  The freedom to let my son learn what he is interested in.  The freedom to turn everyday events into learning opportunities.