The lack of rain making the farm look like August already, and it’s only mid June. From my untrained eye, the soybean farmers are having a rough start this year.

Anyhow, we found another new life for the fallen barn. You may remember that a few parts made it to Camp Coyote a few miles away, and that I’ve been using reclaimed joists over in the corn crib for remodeling. We just made a trip to find some new material to serve as a wainscoting. A found it we did. We still had the 4 original doors from the corncrib, but since one was on the ground it was rather rotten. It was the same beadboard-like profile as the original barn siding.

We pushed the doors out into the open using the plow on the tractor, and then pulled out a few random pieces before finding a stack of cleaned/reclaimed boards I had stashed inside the barn’s remaning corner. There should be more then enough to give character to a new place coming soon. hint hint wink wink.

So the highlight, was that I had Reagan start and move the newer tractor (bigger, faster, and had power steering). She went to move it, then took off. Then she was back, then gone again. She went back and forth 3 times and then did a huge lap of the place. She had the biggest, goofiest smile on her face. I later asked her if driving the tractor was fun. “OH YEAH!!!”