For a rubble pile that is!

Actually, I have been salvaging the barn during the last few weeks. I’ve needed some interesting wood for other projects and the barn pile has beeb the source. We’ve already re-used: 50 pieces of siding, all of the crib wall planks, numerous pieces of 1×12, 2 2×12 joists, a 14′ 4×6, and 2 large pieces of the laminated curved roof rafters.
Besides this shopping list, I’ve had 3 chances where the truck was 1/2 full, and needed to go to the dump. I topped it off by picking up all the rotted, cracked, and cut off bits that have been down there. Add the fact that I’ve mowed out a section near the barn, I can almost say that the only thing left next to the barn, is it’s side wall, and it is nearly uncovered.