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Starting to cool off for Fall

Posted by on 19 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: Construction, Gardening, General

There has not been too much work done here this summer.  Too many instances of ‘life’ happening.  Highlights so far include.  Better growing season, Strawberries growing strong, got a newer tractor that works with the older implements, strengthened up the shed, framed for windows, and got the back half of it’s roof re-decked.  The shingles come next week.
The crib did get new windows on the South side, and we’ve gone down a few times to work out the trim.  The upstairs has been getting cleaned out, and parts of the center bin are getting removed.  I think once we get some time to work on once specific thing, a lot of changes will be seen.
Not too worried about progress.  It seemed that last year the “winter’s coming panic” got a lot of work done.  Hoping to do that again this year.

Vacation did happen again here.  Trip 3# in a row to Walt Disney World.  We’ll get some reviews and pics uploaded soon.

Finally figured out the windows

Posted by on 22 Jun 2011 | Tagged as: Construction, Gardening, General

img_20110616_162933After finding the new bottom windows a while back, I’ve been looking for the perfect fit for the top row of windows.  I finally found something the right size, and cheap. Barn sashes – recycled plastic frames and plexiglass panes.  These also fit snugly in the stud bays and were about an inch short of the hole I wanted to fill.  The difference was made up by adding a 1×4 to the bottom sill and that got my top edge aligned.

I was on limited time on the day these went in.  I need to remove the top 2 boards and get some solid sheathing in there.  img_20110616_162854 Then finally, I can finish off some trim around the windows and get siding up on half of that wall.  Hurrah!

Also on the to-do list is to re-shingle the shed, and get the old center bin removed so my grand living room can start shaping up.  We have been eating lots of peas and strawberries from the garden.  The potato bushes are coming up, and there seems to be a good crop of Bok Choi as well.

Last weekend warmup?

Posted by on 14 Nov 2010 | Tagged as: Construction, Gardening, General

The weather was cold, but Sunday here looked to be above freezing.  My goal was to get to the farm, add a few last boards done before winter and hopefully clean the windows in order to take a decent picture.  I did far more then that.

If you were busy while outside, it was a good temperature.  I stood around waiting for my go-fer once and felt a slight chill.  So, what got done?  Windows.  8 more of them to be exact.  I ended up stripping most of the other side of the greenhouse back to the studs and started slapping windows in.  I had tried to save some of the larger ones from the first half to make sure we had enough for both sides and I might have saved a couple too many.  I simply placed all these in, and had the perfect fitting windows to take up the last bay.

However, the right side looks far more organized and symmetrical then the left.   And actually, we like it.  There is a small window or two I can replace in order to get these to match up better.  In any case, I think these are destined to last for the winter.  We might switch out a few, and there is a top row to do along with fill a few holes that are currently plywood.
I said before the greenhouse effect here works well….I mean it.  Every time the Sun came out, I neared a sweat and almost took my coat off.

Mason was a big help today and helped load and unload tools, supported non-hanging windows, swept, took pictures, other go-fer activity.

Frost coming!

Posted by on 28 Oct 2010 | Tagged as: Construction, Gardening, General

Brrr!  We actually have turned on the heat here in town, and Facebook posts count the many others that gave in this week.  I hope that’s not putting too much of a close on farm work.

The gardens got re-tilled for Fall, but need a little clean up.  We created a new compost pile and put garden waste, potted plant dirt, and a slew of nitrogen rich coffee bean waste in it for now.

I’ve gotten some of the crib work done, but again it’s invisible.  I have 3 of the 4 windows framed out on the inside, but there are no holes cut in the siding.  I managed to build a quick scaffolding out of 2×10’s from the barn floor and have this attached to the front of the crib.  I need a full day to cut holes, remove the small pieces of siding, replace with plywood, wrap in tyvek, then install windows.

Besides the framing, I’ve been rebuilding some of the structure of the West wall.  I’ve added extra supports to turn ‘bin wall’ into house grade code grade framing, and the top of the wall was done in 2×4’s, not 2×6’s like the rest of the place.  Those got doubled up too add the depth and strength of the rest of the wall.  Wiggles are gone.
It’s time to wrap up tractor work, change the oil and replace the mower and tiller for the snow blower again.  I don’t count on seeing that white stuff anytime soon, but might as well be ready.

What have you done since Vacation?

Posted by on 19 Oct 2010 | Tagged as: Construction, Gardening, General

Actually, a whole bunch of work.

Mason has been a big help in the past few months.  He has taken to driving the tractor, so he has mowed a few times now.  I also had him clear out and mow down the garden remains and he hauled everything to a new compost pile site.

He still helps out on construction too.  We got a few pieces of siding installed under the greenhouse, and added the first half dozen windows to the South wall.  The original plans called for 6’x12′ plexiglass sheets, but we had found a huge stack of original farmhouse windows, a few other random windows, and several I picked up at yard sales for $1-20 each.  So, the wall will become a mosaic of old windows.   All the doors are finished, and have locks.  I built the staircase landing out of reclaimed barn beams.  I’ve been cleaning out 14′ 2x10s that are straighter and harder then anything I’m buying.

Upstairs is getting some work.  I’ve started framing in the staircase, and have done a lot of prep and fixing up on the West end wall.  I think one more good day of work should see Windows getting installed there.  They will look out over the farm and to the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

The before Winter plan?  I really want to see the windows go in.  I think I need to place a few more windows on the greenhouse and put siding on the SE corner.  That’s where the snow seemed to blow in the most.  Once it starts getting chilly, I can finish work on the staircase framing until it gets real chilly there.

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