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Doggie Swim at the Jefferson Pool

Posted by on 03 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: General, The Menagerie

We took the dogs to the Doggie Paddle at the Jefferson Swimming Pool.  It was a bit chilly for people, but the dogs didn’t mind.  A.P.E. does this every year before they drain the swimming pool.  It’s a lot of fun for the dogs and their owners.  The cost is $1 per paw, which means the humans get in free.

Our friend, Tammy, and her Jack Russell Terrier/Heeler mix, Arlo, just happened to be visiting yesterday on their way back to Colorado.  We call Arlo a “superdog” because he fetches, catches frisbees midair, and actually listens to commands. 🙂  He had a great time in the baby pool running to catch the frisbee.

I brought Tieta over first this year, since she loves laying in the kiddie pool we put in the backyard for them.  She was a pretty decent swimmer, but she soon became preoccupied with the other dogs, so I had to bring her home.

Next, it was Ozzie’s turn.  To keep him corralled, we stayed in the baby pool area where he played with an adorable West Highland White Terrier named “Max.”  They ran around and around and around.  Ozzie would take a dip in the baby pool every now and then, but he really isn’t much of a swimmer.  In the 3 foot deep section of the big pool, he just stands on his hind legs against the wall so his head stays above water and gives me a look that says, “Why aren’t you saving me???”

Always a great time, we look forward to this every year.  A.P.E. does a great job of expanding knowledge about spaying and neutering your pets, yes, even your “barn cats” and “farm dogs” should be spayed or neutered!  Check out their programs on their website to get ALL your pets spayed and neutered. 

The $1500 Bouncy Ball

Posted by on 04 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: General, The Menagerie

tieta.JPGOur gal Tieta has always had a fondness for all things plastic. She loves to chomp down on Lego bricks and tires, crayons, and bouncy balls. She was banned from Mason’s room a long time ago. However, we can still usually tell Tieta’s poo in the yard by it’s color. Not the usual poo color, it usually has flecks of red, blue, yellow, etc in it.

We have been doing really well lately at keeping toys out of her digestive system, especially the bouncy balls. I won’t even let the dogs have Greenies (a least in the old formula) because of their tendency to “gum up” a dog.

Well, when she showed signs of distress this morning, we didn’t even think about the HALF a bouncy ball that Rich got away from her last weekend.

Long story short, she got very very sick this morning. Eight hours at the Vet School in Ames and $1500 later, we now have two giants hunks of bouncy ball that used to be stuck in her stomach and colon.

Poor baby, she is in ICU tonight, but she gave me kisses (which she hadn’t done all day) before we left the hospital for the night. I’m so glad it was something fixable, but that was one expensive bouncy ball!

Please send healing thoughts her way.

Picture Ratings

Posted by on 07 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: Construction, Gardening, General, Renewable Energy, Sports, The Menagerie, The Organic Life

I saw that rating for the pictures could be turned on… I did.  You can click on 5 stars if you love the picture.  Less stars for, you know.

Why?  I have no idea.

Weekend Fun in Jefferson

Posted by on 06 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: Construction, General, The Menagerie

Siding Done!There was lots to do heading into Labor day weekend. We went to the last Summer on the Square for this year. We sat around on the grass, talking with friends meeting new ones. Rich even won a raffle prize. A very nice “refreshment basket” that was full of Boulevard Beer and customized pop corn. Very cool!

Friday night we went to the BIG CITY of Ames to our east. We usually prefer to find locally owned restraunts, but couldn’t resist the call of calzones from Old Chicago. We definitely are going to do restaurant research before our next trip.

Saturday was FINISH SIDING on the Corn Crib DAY! It took us about 5 hours, but we got every single piece up and finished the north side. It looks great! It get me excited to move on to our next project. . .concrete work. Something is living in our camper that we left out there for a base of operations. I think we are going to sell it since we now have a close place to go to for showers, naps, and food. Know anyone?

Mason Ozzie SwimmingOkay, so technically this isn’t and event from the weekend, but it is a fun story. Every year, after the pool behind our house here closes (usually after Labor Day), they have a “Doggie Paddle” at the pool. It is $1 per paw to get in and free for their humans. The dogs have run of the pool. So Mason and I took Ozzie. I know he likes water, but was not sure if he could swim. I thought it was encouraging when he immediately jumped in. I don’t think Ozzie took into account the depth and that he would have to swim. He feebly made it back to the edge and begged to get out. Next stop was the kiddie pool That was more his speed. What a chicken! He and Mason had a great time though.